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Reborn Baby Dolls for Adoption | 19″ Budelai Reborn Doll Girl | Cloth Body | Reborn Happy

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Gender: Girl
Arms: Full Length
Legs: Full Length
Eyes: Asleep
Hair: Painted
Paint: Genesis Heat Set Paint (GHSP)
Weighting: Fine Glass Beads
Skin Color: Dark
Race: Biracial / Multiracial

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Alpah Schreiny’s list! ! I’m introducing Baby Budley today! She’s the sleepy look of Lyra, who was actually born from a plump baby. She was reborn by me! The 19″ Budelai Reborn Doll Girl features textured newborn skin, undertones, veining and vellus hair. She also blushed in all the right places. The girl has medium/dark brown hair and I used 3 different colors to give her hair a 3d effect and create highlights and lowlights. She is a fully limbed baby and will carry a gathered body.

19" Budelai Reborn Doll Girl

19" Budelai Reborn Doll Girl

The little girl was painted by Alpah Schreiny. This baby will also come with a box opening including 2 outfits, baby welcome certificate, COA, display pacifier, magnetic pacifier (magnets can be removed on request), baby bottle, 2 extra diapers and finally a baby swaddle. I can also include any little extras I find while packing my baby! Have a nice day! Take her home quickly and order it now!

Package Include:

  • 1 x Reborn Baby’s Bottle
  • 1 x  Magnetic Pacifier
  • 1 x B irth Certification
  • 1 x Reborn Baby Clothing

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 48.3 × 25 × 24 cm