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Reborn Baby Dolls | 20″ Cute Tindas Reborn Doll Boy | Cloth Body | Reborn Happy

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Gender: Boy
Arms: Full Length
Legs: Full Length
Eyes: Asleep
Lashes: Rooted
Hair: Rooted
Paint: Genesis Heat Set Paint (GHSP)
Weighting: Poly-Pellets
Skin Color: Fair
Race: White / Caucasian
Pacifier: Included
Pacifier Type: Magnetic Pacifier

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You’re sure to fall in love with our Tindas doll boy from the first moment you hold him. Created by renowned doll master Michelle Brand in her Reborn-Happy, Dindas is a lifelike doll, from his bright blue eyes and nose to his little fingers and toes. No wonder he ended up with such a cute nickname! But pick him up and you’re sure to fall in love again because this fully swingable doll has weight too, making it feel real in your arms!

20" Cute Tindas Reborn Doll Boy

20" Cute Tindas Reborn Doll Boy

Exclusive to Reborn-Shoppe, Dindas is a 20-inch leg bender painted with ghsp spots, veins, shades, glossy nails, lips and inner ears. HP-locked hands have dark blond hair. All vinyl limbs with neck rings, soft doe flesh coloured body. A magnet attached to the back of the mouth for a magnetic dummy. Cable ties are hidden on the soft body. Hand planted high quality mohair light brown, sealed. Blue glass eyes with green around the pupil. The magnet is located behind the mouth, which is slightly open to suck away the magnetic dummy. Order now!

Package Include:

  • 1 x Reborn Baby’s Bottle
  • 1 x  Magnetic Pacifier
  • 1 x B irth Certification
  • 1 x Reborn Baby Clothing