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Silicone Baby | 18.8″ Paulina Silicone Baby for Sale | Reborn Art – Reborn Happy

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18.8″ Paulina Art Dolls, Reborn Art

Artist: Carol Ann Manoukian
Sculpture by: Angela Degner
Kit Name: Pulina Baltic Baby

Length: 18.8″ (48 cm)
Weight: 8.653

Head Material: Silicone
Body Material: Silicone
Limb Material: Silicone
Age: Newborn
Gender: Girl
Edition: Open Edition
Eyes: Awake
Lashes: Rooted
Hair: Rooted
Skin Color: Strawberries & Cream
Race: White / Caucasian
Pacifier: Included
Pacifier Type: Modified Pacifier
Drink and Wet: No
Smoke Free Environment: Yes
Pet Free Environment: Yes
Certificate Of Authenticity (COA): Yes

Hello dolly pals. This is full body silicone Paulina. She was sculpted by Angela Degner and was cast from a 2-part mould by Baltic Baby in Germany. Baby Paulina patiently waited for me to improve my painting skills and feel confident enough to paint her before pulling her out of her container. She was kept wrapped in plastic wrap atop layers of bubble wrap, wrapped in a blanket and then sealed in a clear plastic storage container. She has never been exposed to smoke or pets and has always been kept in a temperature controlled room since the day I received her.

She has an open mouth with sculpted tongue and palate and I bought a special pacifier and little bottle just for her.

She has a VERY faint, barely noticable line going around her entire body on her sides from head to toe due to the 2 part mould. She was painted and rooted by me using psycho paint and Sam Silicone Pigments. She was matted with Psycho Paint and Just Matting Matting Powder. Her face was matted using Sam 32 and Just Matte Matting Powder. She has a little strawberry birth mark/rash on her upper tummy.

Her eyes are NOT set in place with silicone at the moment but I am happy and willing to set them in place for you if you’d like. I personally like to be able to move the eyes into different positions and right now they are being held in place with cosmetic sponges. Please advise me of your preference.

She is sparsely and directionally mono rooted (one hair at a time) with very dark brown, high quality mohair by Fine Fibre/Paula Codrington on Facebook. Her hair cannot be sealed inside and is placed into her silicone head one hair at a time with a needle. Care must be taken when gently brushing. Make sure the brush is wet and do your best not to allow her hair to tangle while brushing and in between brushings, it’s a good idea to take preventative measures by keeping plastic wrap under her head while she is laying down. It will help a lot! I don’t recommend hats because the hair is pulled as the hat is placed on or taken off. Do not ever pull on her hair because even though I deeply rooted it, it will eventually fall out and must be re rooted.

She must be handled like a real baby and her head must be supported. She is considered a piece of art/adult collectable, not a toy and must not be handled by children under the age of 18.

***Paulina and her box opening contain small parts which could be hazardous to young children. So, please be careful.***

It’s important to gently and lightly powder her before changing her clothes and ONLY use a silicone matting powder like Just Matte, Silicone Velvet or Sam’s Matting Powder. NEVER use cornstarch which can attract bugs and rodents and NEVER use baby powder which is abrasive and will harm the silicone paint.

Though this sweet baby isn’t perfect, she is my art, from my heart. I hope you will love her. She may have little anomalies here and there which are not considered defects. Each baby is a handmade piece of art and cannot be perfect.

Her box opening will contain:

1 FBS Paulina fully painted, rooted and dressed
1 Birth Certificate
1 Silicone Care Instruction sheet
1 soft and pretty multicolor pastel blanket
5 cute rompers by Carters, Cat & Jack and a special romper purchased from Zarni Baby on Facebook.
1 Carter’s soft jeans outfit
4 printed, short sleeve Onesies type shirts by Gerber
1 plain white, long sleeve Onesies type shirt with hand covers by Carter’s
1 wooden teether toy/rattle
1 pair of cute, soft and fuzzy slippers
1 pair of hand mittens
1 pair of pink socks
1 stuffed animal/travel buddy
3 doll diapers
1 Little Lamb Terry Cloth Diaper
1 blank hospital bracelet for you to fill in
1 brush and comb set
1 sample of Just Matte Matting Powder
1 soft powder brush
1 magic disappearing milk baby bottle with a small plastic nipple that does fit inside her mouth
1 small pacifier that fits and stays inside her small mouth perfectly
1 small spray bottle of J&J Detangling Spray
1 small spray bottle of baby essence

She will come home wrapped in her blanket surrounded by her little gifts which will be all wrapped up pretty and surrounding her. Her presentation will make for a nice gift for you or someone special.

Please view all photos and the video I plan to make and upload here possibly tomorrow before making your purchase in order to make sure she is the right baby doll for you. Please understand that I do not accept returns or refunds. However I do and will stand behind my work and am here to help you, so if you have any problems, please reach out to me.

If you have fewer than 3 reviews from this site (all positive) please reach out to me before purchasing with some references for me to reach out to first, otherwise, your purchase will be refunded. I’m sorry to have to do that.