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Reborn Happy
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Reborn Happy
Reborn HappyWhat Makes Reborn-Happy Dolls Different?

Sculpting is what gives our dolls a soul. Time, quality and care are devoted to each doll sculpt, by award-winning artists from around the world, to create unparalleled realism.
Hair is what gives our dolls identity. We capture the look and feel of real hair at its highest quality. In fact, 90% of our infant and baby dolls feature hand-rooted hair.

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Experience Difference
Experience DifferenceExperience The Reborn Happy Difference

Experience The Reborn Happy Difference.
Showcasing over 12 years of award-winning doll artistry.
Uniquely crafted to capture the character and quality of each doll.
Superb handcraftsmanship and skillful hand-painting.
Luxurious fabrics, expertly tailored costuming and innovative accessories.
Interest-free monthly payments.
Backed by the best-in-the-business, 365-day, unconditional guarantee.
A U.S. based employee-owned company.

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